Erotic Games

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With improvised objects

Buy a set of accessories or find them at home. You can take food, scarves, vibrators and other objects that cause different sensations – such as fur, rough lace, cosmetic lotion, hot wax and massage oil, which heats the skin while rubbing it. Invite your partner to the “control room” and explain to him that the item he chooses should be “authorized by inspection” and approved as a sex toy. If you want, you can tie a partner or tie his eyes and check each item, asking the partner to describe what he feels by touching him and give an assessment of the degree of “sexuality” of the subject.


Ornaments of the body should not be in the form of a permanent tattoo. You can buy body paints on a water basis and paint each other. The sensation of light brush touches to your skin and attention will excite you. You can write canvases that start from the top and stretch all the way down. You can also dip your brush in chocolate sauce and paint your hips while working with artistry and inspiration. Then say: “No, it’s all wrong” – and lick it with your tongue.


Put aside your sex toys: for this role-playing game, use your mouth, tongue and mind. Let your partner praise you with descriptions. Start with the following: “who” – describe the one you love, and tell everything about him; “What” – describe what you like most about it; “When” – describe your sex activities, remembered to you as the most exciting ones; “Where” – describe where you were dealing with him (her) with love and where else would you like to do it; “Why” – describe why you stay with him and why you think that he is meant for you; “How” – describe, how about having sex. Then, do it.