Sexual diversity

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Sweet picnic

Collect a basket for a picnic for two in honor of the holiday of sexual pleasures. Find a secluded place or, if the weather does not please, make a picnic in your bedroom. Add to the basket phallic products (natural aphrodisiacs) for hinting at sexual pleasures and create an erotic atmosphere. To create an erotic mood, light the bedroom with candles, and if you are in the open air and you are troubled by gnats, light candles with citrus aroma to scare them away. After the passion fruit for dessert, serve your own passion. Your lover will enjoy your attention and romance and in return will give you a magnificent orgasm.

Passionate candles

To increase the duration of your sexual game, light a candle and make love until it burns. Try to start the prelude while the candle is burning, and do not stop until it burns out.

You can also play in the dark with a candle. Alternately light the areas of your body. The rule of the game is that every lighted part of the body needs to be caressed for two minutes, and then pass the torch to its partner.


In order to really give pleasure to her “pussy”, complete the bedside table with sex toys and install it so that these toys can be easily and suddenly reached by hand. You can surprise your lover with some new accessory for a sex role-playing game or use this bedside table as a lottery drum. Tie her eyes, ask her to put her hand on the nightstand and choose what feels good to her. Then give her pleasure with this accessory. Remember that toys need to be shared and played by turns.

Pearl Pleasure

Take a pearl necklace (best natural) and wind it on your arm or on the trunk of a member of your partner. Rotate the movement of two hands (as if you are weaving a basket) slide and rotate the pearl necklace up and down the trunk and head of the penis. Simultaneous movement of smooth hard pearls will bring a man with an incomparable sensation. Take your grandmother’s necklace and masturbate the member with a necklace, not with your hands.