Sexual role-playing games. Rules of the game

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 The rules of the game are very simple. The girl needs to get rid of clothes, so that all the body is completely naked. Then take the tangerine and divide it into slices. Your knight needs to undress too, tie his hands and hang a bandage over his eyes so he does not see anything. This produces a great sensation on the strong sex, as they love mystery, but in fact they understand what awaits them. When you cut a mandarin, arrange them around your body so that the man walks all over the body, but the highlight of the game is that he thinks there are six pieces, and on your body only 5. This secret will allow you to prolong and multiply your pleasure and your partner, who, as is known, will look for the last piece to the last.

Role-playing games before sex start.

But if this erotic game before sex does not satisfy your thirst or appetite, then the game “Cheerful cooks” can become a continuation of your experience. Here, too, everything is quite clear and simple. You just need to take any ingredients that you or your man like: whipped cream, chocolate chips, syrups, jams, other fruits. Here you can use two options for continuing the game:

find out what your guy prefers and make a culinary masterpiece on his own and place a “dessert” on your body;

you can leave this right behind your partner, cook all the ingredients, arrange them on your body and give freedom to your young man. This option is more suitable and interesting for both sides.

 Among the young people is a very popular and another erotic game before sex, under the title: “In the animal world”. All that is required of you and your man is imitation of your favorite animals. In every person there are animal emotions, which he wants to release and show to the whole world. Even if your choice does not match with the choice of your partner, it’s okay, it’s even sexier.